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CD Spaces is forward thinking, meanwhile use supplier that provides a launch pad for arts and cultural experiences, emerging entrepreneurs, and local authorities to revitalize communities and unloved spaces.

CD Spaces provides an end to end solution that delivers meanwhile use consultancy, project management and the implementation of temporary build structures and onsite activations. We use our in-house and relationship networks to conduct interim use strategies. We keep developments energized over the lifespan of a project cycle. Whether the solution required is based around units on the high street or land developments ahead of Masterplan execution, we are able to deliver solutions that: Include the preparation of pre-development approval reports Generate commercial returns set against reducing overall project costs Drives footfall via activations that increase the dwell time ​ As no one individual development is the same, our framework is designed to create a bespoke approach to the specific challenges and objectives presented. What is important to us is that our clients hold authenticity in their vision, which is in keeping with the local stakeholders within a given area. In light of this we then research and present market trends and enrich these with human insight from industry experts and notable members of the local community on the ground. We are agile by nature and work with individuals and organizations who are experts in their particular field in-order to ensure that our solutions are meaningful for our clients.

the people

Farouk Deen - CEO

David Beckham - COO

Posh Spice -CCO

Cam - IDK

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